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Renewable Energy

Climate change and how we can make a difference is constantly in the headlines.  With everyone trying to do their bit to help reduce CO2 emissions Renewable Energy is a great option to invest into for your home or business.

Aswell as being environmentally friendly Renewable Energy will also help you to save on your energy bills, bonus!

What is Renewable energy? 
Renewable energy is energy which has been generated from natural sources such as wind, sun or water to produce electricity. 

Here at K Cahill Electrical we strongly believe in Renewable Energy products and thats why we have invested our time in training ourselves on the best possible products to install for you. 

Solar Panel Installation
Solar energy panels in light bulb at sun

Solar Panels

Solar Panels work by capturing the sun's energy using photovoltaic cells. These cells then convert the sunlight into electricity which you can then use to run your household or business

Installing Solar Panels to your home or business premises is a great investment, cutting your electricity bills and help to reduce your carbon footprint. Depending on where you are in the UK they could save around 1.3 to 1.6 tonnes of carbon per year.

Ideal location for installing Solar Panels is south facing and as high as possible but the cells don't require direct sunlight to work so will still generate electricity even on cloudy days. One of our engineers can come and survey your property to find the optimum location.

Battery storage

Battery storage lets you capture electricity and use it at another time. for example it will store the electricity your solar panels have generated during the day for you to use at night time. Battery storage will also help to further reduce your electricity bills as it will reduce the amount of electricity you use from the grid.

After you have had solar panels installed to your home or business premises a battery storage unit is a must have to maximise the amount of renewable energy you use, these can quickly and easily be installed by one of our engineers.

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Power Inverter

The Inverter plays a key role in your solar energy system as it converts the cells produced by your solar panels into the electricity used in your household or business.

If your PV system shows signs of failure or under performance and is out of warranty it is worth considering an upgrade.  Choosing a more efficient inverter means more of your solar energy is converted into electrical energy and even a small percentage can have a significant impact on its output.

Solar Edge

SolarEdge combines world-class technology and relentless innovation to bring smart energy solutions to your home. We are proud at K Cahill Electrical to be an accredited Solar Edge installer.