Terms and Conditions

1. It is assumed that the customer will remove all of their property from the area

which the works are being carried out or covered to avoid damage, unless

provision is made to the contrary in the quote or by agreement.

2. All existing materials removed to allow for the quoted work to be carried out

will be disposed of unless agreed otherwise. No claim will be entered into for

items disposed of which the client wished to keep if no such notice in writing was


3. The cost of any variations to work included in the quote authorized by the

customer (additional, by omission or by substitute) should wherever practicable,

be agreed before the variation is carried out. The valuation of any variations will

be added or deducted from the price stated in the quotation

4. Every care is taken to ensure the best labour and materials will be used to

produce a satisfactory finish. K Cahill Electrical at its own cost will rectify any

faults or defects so long as such faults or defects are given by the customer to K

Cahill Electrical within a reasonable period of time and are due to materials

and/or workmanship not in accordance with these terms and conditions. The

maximum period of defects liability will not exceed 12 months from completion of


5. Payments are to be made as per below for;

Rewires Stage Description Payment

1 First fixing completed 50%

2 Completion of works 50%

Electrical testing

Payment is required after the electrical test has been carried out but before the certificate is issued to the customer.

Other Electrical works
Payment is required after works are completed

6. Where the customer disputes the invoice or any part thereof, only the disputed

value of that item can be held by the customer, all other monies outstanding

shall be due for payment on the agreed date